Innovation begins
with our NovoJet™

Quantica conducts internal fluid dynamics simulations to test its novel printheads.
Internal fluid dynamics simulation*

Viscosity is no longer a limitation with jetting

High viscosity enables flexibility in creating functional components which means better products and more efficient manufacturing processes. Unlike most legacy inkjet printheads that print around 20mPa•s, NovoJet is capable of handling a wider range of fluids around 380mPa•s at jetting temperature, equating to approximately 4000mPa•s at ambient temperature.

NovoJet™ Printhead

Quantica’s novel printhead technology, NovoJet™, designed and developed specifically for 3D printing use-cases, is capable of reliably jetting ultra-high viscosity fluids and particle loads in a wide range of material combinations.

Nozzle Count 96
Rows of Nozzles 1
Nozzle Pitch 1.27mm
Fluid Viscosity Range 1mPa•s – 380mPa•s
Operation Temperature 15C-110C
Frequency 7-8kHz
Flow Type Recirculation
Surface Tension 20-75
Nozzle Plate NI alloy, Polyimide

Technical Deep Dive

Learn how we are able to eject SLA resins, DLP resins, and particle loaded materials right out of the bottle.

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